Help with pick up and knit

please help i’m almost done and i’ve been working on this for 4 months

on the inside of the neck of a sweter the patern goes "pick up and knit 35 sts down left front V-neck edge. place marker for center front. pick up and knit 35 sts up right front V-neck edge. K34 from back st holder, dec 2 sts evenly across 102sts.

my questions are, do i first pull one sts through then knit then pull another one through and knit it till it goes around.

or do i pull through the whole thing then go in a round and knit.

or do i pull though the first section then knit back cut my thread then go pull through then knit back cut again then knit the last 34 sts

and where do i decrease the 2 sts? do i knit the last 34sts and then and decrease the last one then decrease the first on the next row? or the first and last sts on the 34 holder

Pick up and knit is just pulling the sts through. You ‘pick up’ or lift the st with your needle, then ‘knit’ by wrapping the yarn around it and pulling the new st through the old one. The ‘dec 2 sts evenly’ means that you dec in different spots, not in the same place. Maybe it would be easier to just pick up 34 on the left front and right front instead of 35.