help with Peter Pan pattern please

Can anyone help with the instructions for a Peter Pan double knit baby cardigan/jacket I’m tryng to knit please? The pattern is called ‘ Peter Pan P827’. I’m a beginner and although I can do the basic stitches, I still find reading instructions difficult. I’ve knitted the back of the cardigan which had a four row pattern comprising of the following -
1st row - Knit
2nd row - purl
3rd row - K.1, P.1 below, rept. from to last st., K.1.
4th row - purl

I’ve followed this until the pattern measures 16.5cm. The next instructions are to -

Shape Armholes

Keeping patt. correct.
Cast off 1 st. at beg. of next 2 rows.

Next Row - K.2, sl.i, K.1, p.s.s.o., patt. to last 4 sts.,
K.2tog., K.2.
Next Row - Purl.

I kept to the four row pattern with one stitch cast off a knit row then one stitch cast off a purl row followed by the instructions for the two rows as listed above. So far so good I think. The problem I have is with the next instructions here -
Keeping the 4 row patt. correct, rept, the last 2 rows until 21 stitches remain finishing on a wrong side.

Does that mean I knit four rows, casting off one stitch at the beginning of the first two knit and purl rows followed by rows 3 & 4 OR knit four rows with a complete knit row, then a complete purl row then rows 3 & 4 OR do I only knit the last two rows repeatedly (rows 3 & 4) continuously until 21 stitches remain?

sorry if I’ve made this even more confusing than it is!!!

Hi angdoogan, After completing the first part of the shape armholes as you have done, the next instruction says to keep your pattern running correctly ( by working all 4 of the pattern rows consecutively ) while decreasing as you did in the last 2 rows. So if your next row is pattern row 1, you will k2, sl1,k1,psso,K to the last 4 sts, k2tog, k2. You will then purl row 2, then for row 3 work the decrease as before and row 4 is a purl row. Repeat these 4 rows until there are 21 st left.
Hope this helps,


Thank you, it does.