Help with personalizing a beanie with initials

I would like to knit a cap and personalize it with initials, and a scripture verse. Need help with how to plot it out in a grid.
Just started learning how to knit caps


to be able to plot that task, you need to know how much room you have. In stitches as well as inches / cm.

Knitting stitches are not square, mostly. They are higher or wider (depending on the yarn, needles, knitting attitude). Mostly mine are higher.

so if you want a perfect impression: find out what ratio your stitches have.

also, you can probably find out by your pattern: how many stitches and rows will you have in the section that the writing goes onto?

If there is any shaping (increase or decrease) in this section, then it might get harder to plot. Straight parts of your knitting are easier.

Now you know all your basics.

The way I do stuff like this is as follows:

you take a piece of paper and sketch the motive. With writing: do not make the letters too thin on the lines. Do not scruntch them together, either.

Now you sketch a grid over it: you know the ratio of your knitting: are the lines wider or higher?

Then you take a felt pen (Sharpie or whatever) and fill our positions in the grid. You can not make a half stitch in one color, so you have to find out if a box that is only “half” layered with your sketched letter will be a full stitch or none. The more of the letter is in that box, the more likely you fill out the box.

Then take some distance from your sketching and check, if the letters came out allright. Fonts need to be legible.

Now you made your own knitting chart. The chart shows all rows (if you are knitting flat) so you read the RS rows from the right and the WS rows from the left. If you are working in rounds, it gives every round.

you can just knit by this chart now.

The writing will look like you know from pixelated photos: boxes next to eachother.

If you do not want to make the effort of sketching your own, look online for alphabet charts for knitting or stitching.

Just a last warning from me:
Writing has to be relatively big to be legible. Otherways the letters do not form. The thicker your yarn is, the fewer stitches, the less text. Logical?

Putting in a whole verse MIGHT be a lot. But a name or initials and so on… that will be fine.

When I chart something like this I like to go to a site like this one LINK or this one LINK that generate knitters graph paper that makes boxes that are shaped like knitted stitches. As hyperactive said knit stitches are not square and this paper does the compensating for you and makes it easier.

For a hat you don’t have a very big ‘canvas’, so you will probably want to use a fine yarn so that you will have more stitches to work with. Be sure to keep the floats on the back nice and loose so the hat will stretch properly. You can make it in the round if you want, but it is best not to have to carry the ‘writing’ color over too long a distance over the ‘background’ color. It can be done but use care.

Here is a link to a couple of plotted out alphabets.LINK Or you might need to design your own, especially if you want to use thicker yarn. In that case you might want to try to design letters that are only one stitch wide.