Help with pattern

Eskimo kisses shawl…row 1:k2s1,k2tog,psso,(yfwd)twice rep from
To last 2,k2
2nd row:k2*(p1k1)into double yfwd of previous row,p1.rep from * to last 2 stsk2. Do you just rep p1k1or rep p1k1p1,so it’s p2k1…I’ve ended up with far to many sts… Is there a vidio …help

Welcome to KH!
You want to do one purl stitch and one knit stitch into the double yarn over. It’s shown in this video:

The double yarn over (double yfwd) is exaggerated in the video but the idea of working two sts into it is the same.
The last stitch of the repeat is a purl one but that’s separate from the stitches in the double yarn over.

Thank you so much will try again