Help with pattern

Hello !

I’m Knitting this model… and I dont understand this part af the pattern…

“Dec Rnd: K3, k2 tog, k to next marker, work Cable
Pat to next marker, k to 5 sts before next marker,
SSK, k3, sl marker, k3, k2 tog, k to 5 sts before
last marker, SSK, k3 – 342(358-370-386-398-414)
sts. [B]Rep this dec EVERY rnd 39(39-30-30-24-24)
times, then every other rnd 0(0-7-7-11-11) times
– 186(202-222-238-258-274) sts. Work even if
necessary until piece measures 6(6-6½-6½-7-7)”
above joining row.[/B]”

I’ve to do the decrease every round the time in (), that’s OK… [then every other round] Wich other round ??? there is no more detailed explanation…

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Continue the pattern you have been knitting with the Cable pattern and the knit and purls. To work the decreases every other round, work a round with decreases, then a round with no decreases. Alternate these 2 rounds until you’ve completed the given number of rounds and have the correct number of sts on the needles.

sorry, but in this part of the pattern, we work again in round… so I knit only, I don’t purl… isn’t it ?

OK, do whatever pattern stitch you have been doing.
What is the pattern name?

Blish by Berroco :wink:

Ah, very good looking. I was wondering at the large number of sts and now I see. Enjoy your knitting!