Help with Pattern

Ok so I am trying to make this hat for my daughter and so far I have the earflaps done but now it wants me to start casting on stitches and knitting in the round which wouldn’t be a problem but I don’t fully understand which needle I am casting onto. I think it wants me to start on the needle with the 1st earflap I did on it but then it seems like my CO is backwards and I am left with the yarn going from one needle to the other. I just don’t want to screw this up since I have hours of work into it already. Here is the pattern and the part that is confusing me. Ill also bold the section of the pattern I am on.

Using a cable cast on, CO 3 STS, knit across 1st ear flap, again using the cable cast on, CO 27 STS, knit across 2nd ear flap, PM. Being careful not to twist, connect for knitting in the round for the rest of the hat. (96 STS)

A picture of what it looks like CO the side with the 1st earflap.

Or wait do I use the 2nd earflap to start the CO and then work over to the 1st earflap? Also I just realized I am using round needles, how am I going to CO in between the earflaps with the earflaps on both sides of the CO stitches, no needle point to slip them over. This pattern needed a little more explaining lol

Maybe I can CO the stitches using the 2nd earflap, transfer the 2nd earflap over to the 1st earflap and then knit through the 1st earflap and CO the 27 stitches then join and knit through the 2nd earflap?

I think the confusion here is in the wording of “first ear flap” it does not mean the first one you knit, it means the first one on the needle. With both ear flaps still on one needle cast on three stitches then knit across the ear flap, then cast on the required stitches for your size and knit across the second ear flap. Then continue as stated in your pattern.

Also you will need to edit your pattern so that it only shows the part you are having a problem with. Otherwise there are copywrite violations.

That was the first confusion but then I started to think how am I going to cast on anything once I get past the first earflap? I am using round needles and will have one earflap here <- | …CO here… | -> and one here and both points will be blocked by an earflap so how do I slip new CO stitches with no needle point free to do so?

Ok lets see if I can explain this where you can understand. You cast on 3 stitches and then knit across the ear flap. Put the needle with the ear flap that you just knitted into your left hand (assuming your right handed) the working yarn should be right there at the end, do a cable cast on for the required about of stitches needed your working yarn is again at the end. Then put that needle back in your right hand and knit across the second ear flap. your second ear flap just kind of hangs out until you need it.

Ok so you can see what I am talking about here is a mock up I did of what I am talking about with this.

I think you can fix this by transferring your stitches. Using the picture as a guide, transfer the three cast on stitches then the ear flap to your right hand needle. This will put the working yarn at the needle tip.

thats what I was thinking, that if I just put my CO stitches with earflap #2 then transfer earflap #2 over I can just start knitting with earflap 1 and have a free needle I was just afraid of messing something up doing that because this is only my 2nd knitting project. I wanted a more experienced persons perspective on it lol. Thanks for confirming that my idea should work :slight_smile: