Help with pattern

Hi all,
I need a little help. I have the mini christmas knits book by sue straford and am having difficulty with the rockin robin pattern. I am trying to do the red breast and am stuck. As far as I can see there must be a mistake in the pattern, or I am just reading it wrong. I’ve looked online and can’t find any pattern corrections, so think it may be me.
Has anyone got this book, or knitted the robin out of it, and can help please?
Its the bit where it says "rep last 2 rows, working 2 less st before and after dec shapings until 6 stitches rem"
Really cannot grasp this!!!
Many thanks in advance

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help!
I don’t have this pattern so I don’t know what the stitch numbers are or what kind of decreases you’re doing (possibly a double decrease?). If you have [U]k6, dec, k6, dec,[/U] for example, you would work [U]k4, dec, k4, dec[/U] on the next decrease row and k2, dec, k2, dec on the following decrease row. Often these decrease row are every other row with a plain row between but just do whatever row 2 of your pattern reads.

Hi and thanks for the welcome!
I thought that as well, but still had stitches left over at the end of the row!
the pattern says
k7, ssk, k2tog,k7 (16stitches)
p 1 row

Rep last 2 rows working 2 less st before and after dec shapings until 6 sts remain.

I tried doing k5, ssk,k2tog, k5, but that still left 2 extra stitches on the end of the row!
Really sorry if I’m being a bit dim, as you can see I’m still a bit of a novice!!
Would it still work by working 1 less st at each end instead of 2?

I think decreasing one st before and after the decreases may be the way to go. It’ll take 5 more decrease rows (10 rows total) to get down to 6sts. See if that length makes sense with the pattern and the size of the body that you’re working on.

Thanks so much for your help :slight_smile: