Help with pattern

Knitting Juris Mittens for my dad for Christmas.
The patterns reads: Knit to m, [k1f&b] 2times, knit to end.
What do I do with the maker?

Usually you knit to stitch before the marker which it does say further in the pattern but not in the beginning where you start increasing for the thumb.

So after the marker you have 2 kfb to start the thumb gusset. What are the directions for the next increase row at the thumb gusset?

Knit 3 rnds then…Next inc rnd: Knit to m, k1f&b, knit to 1st before m, k1f&b, knit to end. Rep last 4 rnds 5 more times

OK, so your increases are going to be [I]inside[/I] the markers.
first increase row: 1st marker–kfb–kfb–(2nd marker)
second increase row: 1st marker–kfb–knit–kfb–2nd marker
and so on.
One increase after the first marker, one increase just before the second marker.

Thank you so much!! Most patterns tell you to slip the marker so didn’t know what to do since this was a new pattern for me.
Thanks again!!!

Not all patterns will say to slip the marker, but you always do that. It’s just there to mark where you increase and decrease.