Help with pattern

I am knitting a Debbi Bliss sweater, Basket Weave Jacket. I am confused how to knit the sleeves. The pattern for the body is a 10 row pattern, but the sleeves are a two row pattern. The direction for the sleeves are Row 1 k4p4, Row 2 purl and at end of 5th row increase at both ends and every 4th row until there are 56 stitches working increases into pattern. I don’t understand how this can make a basket weave stitch. Since you begin with a knit stitch and end with a purl stitch what should the increase be, knit or purl?

When you increase in a pattern, you expand outward in pattern if that makes any sense.

I would increase on the purl rows by purling into the front and back of the end stitches. On the pattern row, work whatever stitch would be there if you were working a full pattern row. So

[COLOR=Red]p[/COLOR]kkkkppppkkkkpppp[COLOR=Red]k[/COLOR] [COLOR=Black]would be the next pattern row, and after the next increase you’d start with 2 purls and end with 2 knits, etc.

Clear enough?

Yes, Ingrid’s advice to basically keep to the pattern stitch works very well for the increases.
I think you should check the directions for the sleeve again just to be sure of the row sequence and repeat. From the picture, it certainly looks like the same pattern as the body of the sweater.

Yes, check out the pattern–the sleeves do match the body. :think:

Yes, they do match the body which is why I am so confused with the pattern. If you never change the sequence of knits and purls how do you ever get the basket weave effect?

Follow the directions as written for the body and work in the increases as I suggested and you’ll be good to go.

Thanks, that actually makes sense.

The directions for the first two rows describe them as the “set up rows”. They’re to show you where to place the pattern. The actual instructions are to repeat the pattern “as given for the back”. So it’s correct in the pattern and just as Ingrid says, the same pattern as the main body.

Quote from your other post: “The pattern for the sleeves are as follows; Row 1 k4p4 for 32 stitches. Row 2 purl. These two rows set the pattern. [U]Cont in pattern to match Back[/U], inc one at each end of 5th row and every following 4th row until there are 56 sts, working inc sts into pattern.”