Help with pattern


I thought that a headband pattern would easy. But this one is confusing. Usually the directions between 2 gets repeated. This one that says Next Row, only has one star. I pasted the pattern below.

I also dont understand the the BC and FC instructions. Says BC and FC which I know is place 2 stitches on cable in back or front. But it says K2, K2 from cable needle. What does that mean??
BC: place 2sts on a cable needle in the back, k2, k2 from cable needle
FC: place 2sts on a cable needle in the front, k2, k2 from cable needle

Next row: k3, *kf&b, k2, to last 3 sts, kf&b, k3 = 24 sts

Yes, - Next row: k3, *kf&b, k2, to last 3 sts, kf&b, k3 = 24 sts - repeat just kfb, k2 across the row to the last 3 sts. Sometimes patterns only show one * where the repeat begins, and then the next instructions for the end of the row.

When you do the BC and FC it’s done over 4 sts. Put 2 sts on a cable needle, dpn or other holder, let them flop in front or behind the knitting, k2 from the left needle, then knit the 2 sts from the other needle. I think the Tips page has a videos that shows how to do cables which may help you.

Could you edit your post to take out the rest of the pattern - just leave in the BC/FC instructions and the ‘next row’ line. It’s against copyright to repost an entire pattern somewhere, even if it’s a free one. The site can get into trouble for allowing that. Putting in a few lines you don’t understand is perfectly fine though when you need help understanding something.