HELP with pattern!

I’m starting a ripple afghan - and ive done the ripple from another pattern once before but am having a hard time figuring out exactly what this pattern wants me to do.

The pattern reads:

Row 1: with black, ch 212, 2 dc in 4th ch from hook, *[dc in next 2 chs, (dc next 2 chs tog) 4 times, dc in next 2 chs], 5 dc in next ch;repeat from * 14 more times;repeat between [], 3 dc in lst ch, turn (209 dc).

I’m not understanding the repeats…it doesnt look to me like the 5 dc is repeated at all.


TIA :hair:

Yes, the 5 dcs are part of the sts you repeat from * - you repeat [I]everything[/I] after that 14 more times, then repeat only the sts between [] once and end with 3dc in the last chain.

thanks so much! i knew it was just in how i was reading it!

I am making a raglan sleeve cardigan sweater, I’m to the part in the graph where I have to start decreasing.
Each square on the graph is a stitch. when I do what it says to start the first row. It seems I’m only decreasing one stitch on each end. then my stitch count is off.
but on the graph it looks like two squares. this is what it says.
K.1, sl.1 k.1, p.s.s.o, work to last 3 sts., k.2 tog., k.1.
I’m at the point on the graph where the decreasing begins
On Mary Maxim patterns all decreasing is on the knit rows
please help, I can’t go any further.

Yes, this - K.1, sl.1 k.1, p.s.s.o, work to last 3 sts., k.2 tog., k.1. - only decs 1 st on each end. You can do ssk instead of sl 1 k1 psso at the beginning of the row. The chart shows 3 different sizes, so pick the one for your size and follow the sts for that one.

Thank you for your quick reply to my question.
I really apprecite it!