Help with pattern

i just bought the new knitsimple magazine. I saw a throw pattern i really like and skill level is beginner , which i thought i was well beyond. I cannot make this mitered square. I need some help.

What do you have a problem with? If you write out a couple rows where you’re stuck (not the whole pattern) we should be able to help you with it.

Thanks Amy

I don’t exactly know what I’m doing wrong. I’m supossed to be making squares but they’re not coming out as squares.

co 21 mark last st for center co 20 =41sts
row 1 sl 1, k to marker, sl 1 wyif, k to end
row 2 sl 1, k to 1 st before marker, s2kp, k to end-39 sts
rep row 1&2 until 3 sts rem

What i’m doing is: co21 put in marker then co21
row 1 when i get to the wyif do I put the yarn to the bac to cont knitting?
I think when I take the marker out to do the s2kp I may not be putting the marker back correctly.
somehow I was on row 18 ready to do row 2 and i only had like 3sts before the marker and 20 sts after the marker.

does this make any sense?

thanks again

I’m not Amy, I’m one of the moderators.

When you use the marker put it [I]in[/I] the stitch not on the needle. Use a paperclip, safety pin or bobby pin if you don’t have removeable markers, or a piece of yarn a different color. Leave it in the st, you can still knit it with the marker in, and move it up every few rows. After 6 or 7 rows you should be able to see which is the center st, that’s the one you put your needle into first when you slip for the dec.

Thanks Sue. I don’t know why I said Amy. I think it’s my kids fault. If I can’t find a good excuse I blame it on the kids. :slight_smile:

I just thought of another question. When I have to s1wyif when the mext stitch is knit do I put the yarn in the back or just leave it where it is?

You put it back unless it calls for a yarn over. Most likely from what you’ve written you’ll move it to the back.


Why do you co a total of 42 when it says 41?

I think she read it wrong.