Help with pattern

I’m a beginner at knitting and attempting my 2nd project. I’m having difficulty understanding the pattern. The project is a yoga mat bag with a cable pattern.
These are the instructions:

Bottom Panel
CO 21 sts.
Work 16 rows in Cable Pattern. Place sts on st holder and break yarn.

I have knit the bottom and am trying to understand how to get to knitting the body.

CO 30 sts. Continuing from these sts, work sts from st holder in patt as set, then CO 30 sts at end of row. 81 sts.

Thanks in advance,

It sounds like you cast on 30 new stitches then knit across the 21 you have on the holder (you can put them on a regular needle to knit them off of) keeping them in the same cable pattern you were using on them before, and then cast on 30 more stitches on the other side of them. Now you have 81 stitches to work with over the next part.

You are doing great. Start again casting on and then pick-up the stitches on the holder and then cast-on again. You should problably use a BIG:mrgreen: circular needles. Take a picture so that we can see what cha doin’!!:yay: …keep on going!!

Thanks for your help–that makes sense. I managed to do that though I did a Google search for casting on at the end of a row. I didn’t have a clue how to do that!! I found it though and am on my way!!!
I will post a pic when I’m done.

Thanks again,