HELP with pattern

I recently rented “knitting new scarves” from the library and got a copy of the tilted blocks pattern, here is a link

HOWEVER I did NOT read the pattern thoroughly enough and neglected to make a copy of page 128, where it gives me instructions for adding on stitches. Has anyone made this and knows if adding on for this pattern is a k1fb or m1?

I don’t have it, but if you’re adding onto the end of the knitting you would most like use either a backward loop, cabled cast on or knitted cast on. All of them can be found in the video section. It probably doesn’t matter which one you use as long as you’re consistent. :thumbsup:

Do you have a link for a video to casting onto a row you are already knitting? Is there a video here on how to do it? I have never done that before.

All three of the cast ons I gave you in my previous post are in the video section. Just click on that tab and then cast-on.

Even if they don’t show how it’s done when you’ve already got knitting I know they will all work. I’ve done them before. :thumbsup: