Help with pattern

I am very new with crocheting and i would like to make a blanket. Does anyone have a very easy pattern??
Thanks in advance!!

try this link. You have to start with a chain first then as follows fron the video.

I hoped that has helped you.:slight_smile:

You could try or

I love doing baby blankets and full size afghans in the woven stitch. If you click HERE, you will see my picture tutorial on how to do that stitch. It is just a simple combination of chain and single crochet.

The crochet link on my sidebar will show you all kinds of links to crochet articles, patterns, tutorials and pictures.

Hope this helps!


Thanks! Will i need like 2 or 3 skiens of yarn to make a 60’’ by 60’’ blanket??

It depends on how much yarn is in your skeins. Crocheting takes a lot more yarn than knitting does. If I were using 3.5 oz of acrylic worsted weight yarn, I’d probably buy around 8-10 skeins at least.

Look at the yardage given for a blanket that size, then take the yardage of the individual skeins in the yarn you want to use to figure how many you’ll need.

Thank you guys for all your help!!:hug: