Help with pattern!

I’m [trying] to make a amigurumi (small stuffed crocheted animal thing:heart: ) and I don’t get the first row of the pattern:

[I]R1: Ch2, 6 sc in second ch from hook.[/I]

I’m not sure how I can do 6 sc’s.:??

Thanks in advance for any help or response :]

It means you need to do six single crochets within one stitch (the second chain from the beginning). So you’d want to do those two chains really loosely so you can do all six single crochets in that one stitch.

Argh, I still don’t get it D:

I’ve done 1/6 of the 6…

I’m not sure which loop to hook into.

Take a look at my video, which you can find here, which is not exactly showing the stitch you are doing, but if you watch it, you will get a good idea of how to do 6 single crochets in the second chain from the hook. Just keep in mind that the video is showing how to do multiple half-double crochets in the second stitch from the hook. I don’t have a video yet that shows how to do exactly what you are having trouble with, but this one just might get you over this little hurdle! Give it a try and let me know if it was helpful. If you are still having trouble, and you can wait a couple of days, I would be happy to post a video showing exactly how to work your pattern.


Coincidence, I used your website to learn to crotchet! It’s great, by the way.

Hm, it helps a little. It’s a lot more confusing for me since there’s only 2 chains and it’s the start of the project :stuck_out_tongue: If you could make a video kind of like that, that’d be great. (message me once you upload it, if you remember ^^)

[B]Edit[/B]:I’d experimented and it looks legit. I’ll continue with the pattern and see what happens.

[B]Edit2[/B]: It looks like everything’s working. You can go ahead and still make the vid., but I don’t think I’ll need it. :slight_smile:

It’s a little different, but the concept is essentially the same. You have made two chain stitches. You then just ‘turn back’ and do a single crochet in the second chain from the one that’s on the hook. Then you do five more single crochets in that very same stitch. That’s why you don’t need five more chains to crochet into, because you’re crocheting six times in the same stitch. It would be a bit awkward because you have only 2 chains, but the mechanics are the same as in MGM’s video.

Knitpanda, so happy to know that you found some helpful stuff on my site! And also glad that you seem to have figured out your pattern. It’s a good idea though for me to do a little video on this type of beginning since a lot of new crocheters have trouble with the concept. It [I]is[/I] a little awkward! I’ll put it on my list of videos to make soon. Thanks for the idea!

Good luck on your project,

I’m glad you figured it out. :thumbsup: I know for me it’s such a satisfying feeling to finally get something I’m trying to do on a knit or crochet project after struggling with it.

MGM–maybe you could do a basic amigurumi video tutorial? It seems like it’s so popular now. (In fact, I haven’t really crocheted for quite awhile except to add borders to knitted stuff, but there are so many cute ‘monster’ patterns out there, I’m thinking about getting back into it.)


Sounds like you did it yourself by trusting the pattern. :wink:

NexStitch has videos for crochet and one section for two common methods of starting [B][U]Crochet in the Round[/U][/B]. The short chain is the second method they mention, you chain one more chain [B][U]than the height of the stitch[/U][/B] is the second method. There are additional tips on that page that may help as you continue throught the pattern.