Help with pattern

I am knitting a childs sweater that has an intricate pattern at the bottom. The instructions call for me to bring the yarn to the front and then SKP but this seems weird because I thought you always slip knitwise when doing an SKP. Could this be because the yarn to the front will add to the pattern? My natural instinct would be to leave teh yarn at the back, slip knitwise, knit and psso. Any help would be appreciated? The pattern is from “Adorable knits for tots”.

Welcome knewknitter!

Yes, it sounds like they want you to bring the yarn to the front, slip a stitch normally, knitwise, then bring the yarn to the back to knit 1 and psso. This will give you a “dash” in front of the decrease; sounds like this is their intention, for a decorative effect.

Do you see any “dashes” in the picture?
Hope that helps,

Kewl!! I always wondered what effect the YF and YB has in a piece.

Thanks for the information. It is difficult to see the photo of the garment but this makes sense now. I appreciate your help.