Help with Pattern

Dear All,

I am knitting the most stunning blanket found in the book “Cover Up with Nicky Epstein.” If I ever finish, it will be a masterpiece. The pattern is called “Trees Breeze” and the part I am stuck on is on page 120.

Anyway, I am beginning what appear to be the leaves for the flowers. The instructions read:

P8 *insert tip of right needle front to back into the fabric at right of twisted st of row 1, pull up a long, loose loop, k1, pass loop over k st, p3, k1 tbl, pull up another loop at left of same st of row 1, k1, pass loop over k st, p3; rep from * to last 5 sts, p5.

I am really not understanding where to place my needle, how yarn should be facing, if this is a k or p stitch, how to make and place those loops.

Once again, thank you for your assistance.

dana5577 (Cleveland, Ohio):muah:

I haven’t done this, nor do I have the book. But, in reading it, it looks like you’ll put your right needle tip through the knitting so it’s poking out the back. Wrap your yarn around it and pull it through, loosely. Let it stay on your right tip, then knit the next stitch and lift the loop up and over the knit stitch and off the needle. You will have a strand running down the back of your work, as well, and you’ll create another strand when you bring the end up to knit the next stitch.

It might be easier to use a crochet hook to grab the yarn and pull up the loop.

Got it! Thank you so much. I would never have thought to bring that loop of yarn back to the front. You directions were much clearer.

I can’t believe that this process has made such a marvelous stitch. This, in effect, creates the leaves to the floral pattern.

Best wishes,


It sounds very pretty! If you can post a picture, please do!

When I get enough of the blanket done, I will post a picture.