Help with pattern!

I am knitting a baby blanket. I’m confused about starting the edging. The main part of the blanket - the directions were to cast on 72 stitches, follow pattern for about 100 rows. Bind off, then start edging. Edging directions say pick up 75 stitches. First of all, I don’t know how to pick up stitches - do I do this from where I binded off? Second of all - where will I get 75 stitches when I only cast on 72??
Thanks in advance for your help!!!

yup, you pick up where you cast off, I guess by having the extra 3 stitches you’re going to get a slight ruffle, there’s bound to be a video on here telling you how to pick up and knit, one of the clever girls or boys would be able to link it but I’m afraid not me!!
I live in a town called Hobart!!

I also reckon you’ll do the same thing on all 4 sides?? or only on two?cos if you did 100 rows then to pick up 75 stitches will give it a different look again, hmmm

There’s a vid on the Knitting Tips page on how to Pick Up Stitches.

When picking up, the general rule is 1:1 for width but 3:4 for height. So across your CO/BO edges you’ll pick up approx the same (they may want a few more for perhaps a corner) and on the edges you’d pu about 75 for 100 rows (pu 3, skip 1).

You could also crochet a border or if you have a really long circ ndl you could work the entire border doing mitered corners.


thank you so much! I appreciate the help!

I think you’d pickup the 75 sts on the side where you knit 100 rows. The usual formula for picking up sts is 3 to 4 - pick up 3 sts for every 4 rows.