Help with pattern

Thiswill be my next project, in about a couple of weeks, hopefully.

It sayd beginner, but, there are things I can’t find a video for or explanation to what it is.
Seed stitch
sl marker

Do you see in the yellow box in the pattern that they give you some K1 P1 directions? That is seed stitch. You know how if you knit in stockinette stitch, that you see the "v"s when you’re knitting on the right side, and you see the upside down “u” or little bumps when you are purling on the wrong side? Well, in seed stitch, when you see a “v”, you are going to PURL instead of knit, and when you see a bump, you are going to KNIT instead of purling. And it alternates stitch by stitch. So if on row 1, you K1 P1, you will do exactly the same thing on row 2. It sounds counter intuitive, but it works. It’s as if you’re trying to rib, but doing it wrong-- that’s seed or moss stitch.

Stitch markers are little rings which you put on the needle in between 2 stitches to mark your place in a pattern. They come in different sizes for different sized needles. You can also use a bit of contrasting yarn, made into a small loop and knotted, but I think that’s a pain, and far better to spend a couple of dollars on plastic markers.

ok, I found the seed stitch, but, what I don’t understand, on the pattern, it says 5x, wouldn’t be 10 stitches if the seed is p1,k1? There are 87 sts cast on. seed x5, 77 sts, seed x5, wouldn’t that make it 97?
Or would it be k1, p1, k1, p1, k1, sts 77, k1, p1, k1, p1, k1 ?

Maybe I will find something easier for now. I need to see someone do this instead of trying to read it until I know what is what in knitting. There are so many names for a stitch just by changing one thing to it.

You can look at seed stitch and how to make it in the video under Stitch Patterns here -

sl marker means slip the marker. Just move it from the left needle to the right one when you come to it in a row.

I think you’ve got it. You are knitting a piece in stockinette stitch, with seed stitch border on each end. Each “border” consists of 5 stitches.