Help with pattern?

Hi all - I haven’t posted in a LONG time! I’m probably an intermediate knitter - done a BUNCH of scarves, hats, 2 pr. sox, and found a vest pattern I want to try. But I’m unclear on one part of the pattern – the pattern is for the Boogies vest, found at For the front of the vest, the instructions say “Front
CO 60[64, 72, 80] sts.
Work even in 2x2 ribbing for 2 inches, ending with RS facing. Next row: K 21[23,27,31], work Row 1 of Cable Patt, K 21[23, 27, 31]. Next row: P 21[23, 27, 31], work Row 2 of Cable Patt, P 21[23, 27, 31]. Work even, maintaining continuity of established pattern until 13[13, 14, 15] inches from beg.” What does it mean by “work even”? Continue the cable pattern? The complete cable pattern is printed at the beginning -

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer!

Roberta - who REALLY wants to knit this vest! <gg>

“Work even” means to continue without any increases or decreases. In this it gives the first few rows to set the pattern - 21 [23, 27, 31] stitches in stocking stitch, cable pattern, 21 [23, 27, 31] stitches in stocking stitch. Then it says to work even “maintaining continuity of established pattern”, which means to just carry on, repeating the cable chart and keeping the end stitches in stocking stitch until you have reached the appropriate length.


Work even means to just work in whichever pattern without incs or decs. So first you’ll do ribbing for 2 inches, then the cable pattern. So when you get to Row 1 (after the ribbing) knit X sts, then do row 1 of the cable pattern, and knit X sts. Do the same on R 2, just follow the cable pattern in the middle section with stockinette on either side of it.

Thanks so much! Now I just gotta finish this little hat, and the shawl my sister asked me to finish - THEN I’ll cast on the vest!