HELP with pattern

Hey, fellow knitwits–

A great yarn store here in the Cleveland area went of business (boo and yay–40% off!). I bought a great Debbie Bliss pattern book and some fabulous yarn (not Debbie Bliss). I started knitting this beautiful sweater in the smallest size (after, of course, knitting a gauge swatch). Only thing is . . . the first piece is a waistband, and even in the smallest size, I can tell that it’s way too big. Can I simply downsize needles and follow the pattern until it seems like the right fit? Or will I waste lots of time and lots of really expensive yarn doing this kind of adjusting?

Jackie in Ohio

If you did the gauge swatch and your gauge was accurate, I’d say keep going and trust the pattern. It is very hard to tell from such a small sampling of the knitting so far, things might start to look different once you’re into it a ways further.

The first few rows on the needle can stretch out a lot and seem a lot wider than they should be or will be after you’ve done more. Keep going for a bit and check it again when you’ve got about 6 inches done.