Help with pattern


I can’t understand: [I]keeping 1 st at each side in St st.[/I]

Pattern Instructions: With straight needles, using 2 strand of yarn held tog, cast on 126 sts. Purl 1 row. Keeping 1 st at each side in St st, work remaining sts in Pat St until 29 rows have been completed, end on RS – 6 sts.

Is this for a selvedge edge of the stockinette? If so, these sts are coming from the cast on 126 sts?


Yes, these sts are part of the 126. You would work the end sts in knit on the RS and purl on the WS while the remaining sts will be done in the pattern st…

Yes, this sounds like the selvedge. To make the edge stockinette stitch you would have to purl the end stitches on one row and knit them on the next with the pattern in between.