Help with Pattern

I am making a Polo shirt. It says to cast on 75 stitches, then do 3 rows in stockinette stitch beginning with a knit row. If I use a long tail cast on, would my first row be a purl row, since the cast on already creates a knit row?

Then it says to knit the next row (ws)to make a turning row, and to continue working in document stitch without further shaping. What am I supposed to do? What is this turning row meant for?

It doesn’t actually knit a row, what people mean is that the first side of a longtail caston makes some bumps that look like a knitted row, but the knitting dioesn’t actually get longer like it would if you had knit a row. I would say start off with whichever row would put your favourite side of the caston on the right side of the stocking.
But in this particular case, it doesn’t matter, because the caston will not be visible (probably), as the turning row means you are making a hem. This purl row will make the knitting fold over, and those 3 rows are probably going to be a hem of some kind, they will be on the inside of a cuff or something right?

This is supposed to be for the bottom part of the front and back piece. Why would a polo shirt need one anyway?

So on the turning row, where I have to knit on the wrong side…do I purl on the next row?

I’ve never heard of document stitch. The pattern doesn’t explain what this is? Someone here may know.

I’d bet you’re making the hem so the edges don’t curl up. The documented stitch must be how they refer to the stitch pattern.

When you’re making the turning row, you want one row of purl to be on the right side. So you’d knit one row on the wrong side, turn and knit the next row.

Sorry I had my friend type it for me. It’s supposed to be ‘stockinette stitch’.

It sounds like you are doing stocking, with one row of purl (on the right side) and the hem will fold over at that row.

I’m still quite confused though. When I do the turning row, does my right side change, or does it remain the same? :think:

It will stay the same except for that one row.


Ohh ok now I understand :cheering: Thank you for trying to explain :slight_smile:

So I guess it’s to prevent the bottom from curling up after the turning row

Without a hem, it will curl up–a good look for some sweaters, but not this. When you fold it on the turning row, it will make a nice edge.