Help with pattern

I am attemping to make the bag using the pattern found at the following web link:

However, when I cast on 39 stitches, it doesn’t seem to be long enough to allow me room to knit. The stitches only seem to go about halfway around the 16" circular needles. Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong? I have double checked that I am using the right size of needles, etc…

Any help is appreciated!


If you look at the pattern, you’ll see that it calls for a set of dpns as well.

1 set cm / US 10½ dpns
1 16-inch circular cm / US 10½ needle

I believe you’re supposed to cast your 39sts onto those to begin. I just did the same thing with my bellocq socks… It was a bit of a /headdesk moment when I noticed.

Good luck.


The cast on is always smaller than the knitted piece will end up. You could shorten up the needles you have by using Magic loop for the first few rows, then the stitches will fit around it.


Glad you brought this up, im going to start making one as soo as my yarn arrives. Infact you reminded me i need to get the DPNs since non of my LYSs seem to have any DPNS in never mind the size i need.

PS. Guess what my name is IRW? :happydance:


With circular needle, CO 39 sts. K 34 rows in garter st.

Pick up and k 16 sts along the left edge of rectangle just worked. Pick up and k 39 sts along the CO edge. Pick up and k 16 sts along rem side. [110 sts total][/i]

It looks to me like you knit the bottom back and forth and THEN use your needle in the round.

What Ingrid said. Then, if you continue through the directions, the part right after the above states:

“Bag Sides
Join picked up sts and beg work in the round

The DPNs are for the I-cord handle.

I knew you whernt supposed to join the stitches to begin with but it never occured to me that this meant it didnt matter that the stitches didnt fit all the way around. silly me :oops: