Help with pattern!

I am stumped on the simplest pattern. I am working on an eye mask and I am stuck on M1 and YO. this pattern is not supposed to have holes!!!

Here goes:

K2, M1, K2 - 5 stitches


K2, M1, K1, Yo, K2 7 stitches

so on and so forth

I have eyelet holes but I’m not sure if the M1 or the YO is causing it

I looked at the videos and I think I am doing it correctly, but if this is an eye cover and the picture of it has no holes what is the problem???

This is such a simple project that I am ready to scream

Thanks :wall:

it could be both depending on which M1 you are using. The yo will definately make a hole, unless you knit into the back of it on the next row, which twists the stitch and closes up the hole… if there are no eyelets in your pattern, i’m not sure why they haven’t told you to twist the yo stitches. Which M1 are you using, or did they recommend?

I am using the method on the video here, I knit Continental I did the little “crook your finger method” for lack of a better explanation. The pattern does not say specifically which one to use

I think I might try one of the others, but my eyes are crossing so I’m going to turn in now, Please post any suggestions by all means, and

Thanks for responding so quickly