Help with pattern

Hi Everyone,

I am quite new to knitting however I can’t make any sense of the below sock pattern.

I have just finished working my turn heel, onto the heel gusset:

With RS facing, k16 heel flap sts, pick up and k 16 sts tbl along side of heel, pick up and k one st tbl at corner from row below to prevent hole, PM

All OK so far, however the following…

Cont in main pattern from rnd 5 (1,5,1,5) over 28 instep sts

What do the brackets mean here? Round 5 includes 8 sts to make the pattern and wouldn’t fit into 28 sts or am I looking at this wrong?

Any help much appreciated


Welcome to KH!
What is the name of your pattern?
If it’s written for different sizes, the numbers in parentheses may refer to the round to continue from for each size.
The idea is to work over the instep sts continuing the pattern where you left off. Are the 8sts you mention part of the instep sts that are on hold?