Help with pattern


I’m knitting a hat and the pattern says to “decrease round: k8/9, k2tog”

Can someone tell me what k8/9 means? Does it mean I can either knit 8 OR 9 and then knit 2 together?

Thank you!

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I believe it is giving you the choice of 8 or 9, as you said. Most likely the number of stitches you have doesn’t divide exactly with one or the other and instead some decreases need to be spaced 8 apart and some 9. As it’s only 1 stitch different it shouldn’t show up in your finished project.

Here is an increase and decrease calculator which is very handy. Put in your stitch count and it will give you instruction how to do those decreases evenly. (Top is increase, scroll down a bit for decrease)

Hope this helps.


Does the hat come in multiple sizes?

If you can tell us which pattern you are using, that might help too.


Here is the pattern for the Dino cap. I’m doing the newborn size (64)

I’m running into trouble when I get to “Shape Crown” on the pattern.

I’m decreasing every other round per the instructions, but it’s way too long and I still have more to knit until I decrease to 8 stitches remaining.

Please let me know what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks in advance!

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It’s not you. There’s something missing in the pattern. It probably should read 6/8/9 which would indicate knit 6, k2tog around the top of the hat for your size. That’s the repeat that you should work around the hat every 8sts. That will start the decreases.
Here’s a helpful note from one of the knitters on Ravelry:
“Should note that the directions for decreasing at the top are very incomplete if you’re a newbie hat maker! I looked through notes/comments and wound up doing something like k6, k2tog for a round, then a knit round, k5, k2tog, then knit, k4, k2tog, etc. Somewhere in the last few decreases I started skipping the knit rounds.”

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Got it.

Thanks so much for your help. I will undo the rows and will knit 6 and then k2tog.

I appreciate all the help from everyone!