Help with pattern

Good morning everyone. Please could someone help? I am trying to find any Turkish speaking or reading knitter who can help me to translate a pattern. It’s not available anywhere but I have finally found it in Turkish. I ve tried to literally translate it word by word - interesting results involving paws but I think they mean feet. Any offers?

Ravelry has some groups that can help but usually only with parts of patterns, not the entire pattern. You might give this group a try.

I will give it a go. It’s such a shame because it’s such a lovely pattern.

Can you give us a link to the pattern or the pattern name?

All I can find is picture.

Aw those are sweet. I couldn’t find anything exactly like them.

Thanks for looking. I think the picture I sent is either Spanish or Portuguese
. I will just keep tinkering and trying to translate and see if I can resolve between the various languages. If I manage it I will share the results because I ve not seen anything like them.

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Well, after much perseverance I now have a version from a Russian publication. Translated into English BUT does anyone recognise front stitch? Or satin stitch?

OK, I really don’t know anything about this but purely a guess.

Could front stitch be purl?
Could satin stitch be russian grafting?

In this video she mentions this Could be 2 pieces of work or a single piece folded to hem and the booties look like the cuff is folded and sewn Dow? Maybe it’s this grafting technique which is decorative outside and flat inside??

Like I said, just a guess.

Thanks for that. I ve now found 4 or 5 versions of this pattern in Russian. I ve translated all of them and thought need to knit a few soles and then try different variations to get the top on. I think the top is straightforward but it’s getting the sole right and then the pick up for the upper. I will not be beaten🤓

The sole construction reminds be of one that Debbie Bliss uses in several of her patterns. Her books are often available in public libraries.

Thanks for that. Just tried to see if anything free on internet and after a few clicks found thid

I also have written instructions for the sole and the joining of. So my next task is

  1. Make a sole
  2. Make the upper from the original pattern

Wish me luck

That’s very close and a very sweet looking little bootie.

Those booties are super stylish, I’m not surprised you are determined to work them out!