Help with pattern!

Hello! Im new to the forum and to knitting. Im trying this adorable pattern by claire garland and got stuck at page 8. The pattern says to “pick up and knit 25 sts evenly around to the right side”. Anyone who tried or anyone who can understand what am I supposed to do? Do i pick the sts on both sides to connect them? Or do i pick the ones on the left tight and only after the 27 rows connecting them… thank you so much! Here is the pattern:

Welcome to the forum!
What a cute pattern.
You’ve joined the thigh and back on each side (seaming the dashed line to the dotted line on each side). Now you’re to pick up sts from the left thigh marker (orange) around under the tail to the right thigh marker (blue) connecting the two sides (see the photo on page 7).
The photo on page 14 may help.

Thank you so much! It is a cute pattern, cant wait to finish it