Help with Pattern

Good Day , hope someone can help me figure out this pattern.
I am working in the round.
The pattern is a chart.
First round - first block on chart is the symbol for RL inc - so I knit the first stitch and do a RL inc in the stitch. ( so I now have two stitches on right hand needle)
Next K4- so now I have 6 stitches on right hand needle
Next M1 k-st in new color - so now on right hand needle I have 6 stitches of color A and 1 of color B
Next is a 12 st rep which is K11 in color A and M1 in color B - repeat this 12 times.
Next K3 in color A and LL inc - so that is for total of 5 stitches at the end of the chart

I do all of the above twice.

The problem begins when I get to round 2
Chart shows K5 in color A and then K1 in color B - this K1 in color B should be directly above the K1 in color B from the first round but it isn’t because of that RL inc in the first round and the K4 after it which means the first stitch of color B is in the 7th stitch not the 6th stitch.
Obviously there is something I am not getting about that first RL inc that is messing me up. Please clarify for me.
I hope I described the pattern and what I have done clearly enough.

Welcome to the forum!
What is the name of your pattern and the designer?

The pattern is for Argyle Vest , Vogue Knitting Winter 2016/17.
Thanks for any help you can provide.

I thought I might have that issue but apparently not.
Maybe this one.

Check the legend to make sure of the definition of RL and LL. There is a correction for the beginning of chart 2 involving decreases. It makes me wonder about working increases relatively close to a series of decreases.