Help With Pattern!

I’m sort of a new knitter (new to patterns anyway!) and I’m really confused and frustrated with this one. It’s from an Etsy seller and will become a teddy bear, but every single time I finish an increase row, it NEVER equals the amount of stitches I’m supposed to have. I know how to increase/decrease, so I must be doing the math wrong. Can someone explain how this row should look?
Edge st., (7K, LLI, 7K)fromrep across until 31 stitches
I would think it would be
Edge, 7k, lli, 7k, 7k, ll, 7k but no matter how I work it, it never equals 31 stitches (what I’m supposed to have). Please help!

Welcome to KH!
It seems to me that the rows equals 31sts.
1 edge
7 x 4 = 28
2 increases between sts for a total of 31sts.

How many sts do you have to start the row?
LLI is a lifted loop increase like a Make 1 (not an increase in a stitch like a kfb)?

Thank you for replying! I’m starting with 29, and the lli is supposed to be left lifted increase, is that the same as lifted loop increase? I thought that that stitch would equal 2, so lli (4), edge (1), knit (28) is over 31 :tired_face: I’m sure I’m just miscalculating somewhere but I’m really lost here lol!

OK, thank you, left lifted increase (I’m just slow at figuring out acronyms before coffee.)

It creates one new stitch. If you start with 29 and work 2 LLI that’ll give you 31sts.
See 1:00 here: