Help with pattern

Hi there, trying to knit a sweater called Wintry by Rowan 58 on Ravelry website sorry can’t work out how to add link on a tablet.
I have picked up stiches to start main section and row 1 says

(K1, P1) 5 [7:9:11:13] times (Inc purlwise in next st, P1) 22 times. I am will be repeating 9 times with a stitch increase from 80 to final count of 102 but struggling to understand how to achieve this.
Hope you can help

Thanks Jan

Sorry just worked it out misinterpretation on my side lol

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YAY! I’m glad you got it. Here’s the link to the pattern so if you post about it again it’s available right here. Thanks for including the info to let me find it.

I’m really good at misinterpretation. I get it.

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