Help with pattern

Hi . . . I am knitting from an old pattern. . . Sirdar 9368. . . have enclosed pictures. . . i don’t get what it means when it say “to 7sts”. . . ? Can anyone help ?


Better picture of instructions

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Hi and welcome!
It may mean to continue the increases until you’ve increased 7 sts total. You may be able to tell from a calculation of sts/inch from the gauge and the measurement across the back.
What is the name of the pattern? It’s very good looking.

Hi . Thank you for your reply. This part of the pattern is a sleeve and so the increase would be at both ends every 4th row so I cannot relate that to 7sts as it should then be an even number? It could mean increase 7 times I suppose. My thinking is that if I measure the hole the sleeve goes into ie created by the back and front of the cardigan and make sure the number of stitches reach that width then the sleeve should fit in. At the moment I’m going to try that. Have emailed sirdar but not sure if or when I would get a reply and am anxious to just get on as it’s keeping me occupied in these troubled time. Thank you.

Ah, yes, a sleeve. Measuring the opening for the sleeve is a good idea. I assume there is no schematic with the sleeve width? If there is a schematic you could also check the stitch gauge and sleeve width to estimate the number of sts.

Let us know how this goes. We’d love to see a photo, too.

Will do . Thanks :blush: