Help with pattern

I’m new here and somewhat of a new knitter, I am a little confused on Bo in the pattern. The pattern is Kudo, Swiss Cheese Scarf . It says to K5, *bo5 k5) . I’m doing the regular bind off where you knit two and slip one over. Where is the last stitch coming from? Don’t i need a even number for bind off? Do I bo the 5 that i knitted? Sorry but I’m a little confused here. Thanks for any help i can get

Welcome to KH!
You’re going to bind off the next 5sts, not the same 5 you’ve just knit. You don’t need an even number of sts to do the usual stitch-over-stitch bind off but it will take 6sts to bind off 5. When you go to work the “K5” after a bind off, you’ll only need to knit 4 as there will be one stitch left over from the bind off on the right needle.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Think I got this!:joy::heart::heart: