help with pattern



I’m working on a vest front, working in stockinette. I don’t understand the second part of this instruction paragraph. I’m good with the decrease every alt row, but when decreasing every 4th row do you decrease on the knit and purl rows?

Dec 1 st at neck edge only on every following alt row 4 times more, then on following 4th rows until there are 11 sts.


Hi kodiak, you start the decreases on a knit side so all further decreases will also fall on the knit side.Every alt row is every second row after a decrease, or every knit side and every 4th row after the last of the alt row decreases is (row 1 purl,row 2 knit,row 3 purl,4th row decrease row) and repeat until 11 sts.
Hope this helps


Thank you! This does help :slight_smile: