Help with pattern

Hi there
I’m knitting a cabled tank top for my baby nephew and am stuck at the shaping arm hole bit

I need to dec 1 st at each end so if the pattern is
K1, p2, k8 do I k2tog and then do p1 and continue or k2tog and then start from p2 and continue?

Any help would be appreciated!
Many thanks

You will do the k2 tog, p1 and continue on.
You often loose the pattern at the edging (armhole/ neck) which is usually hidden when the pieces are seamed/finished. With a tank top, I expect you will add a ribbed edge or something to finish it off. Keeping the overall pattern running correctly across the main body of the work is more important than at the edges. Hope this helps :smiley:

Thanks so much! Will try this xx

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