help with pattern

i am trying to knit an afghan & the pattern says to cast on 77 sts then the first row is P2 turn second row says K2 turn …I have turned my work on short rows but never in a full row can someone explain how I do this

What pattern are you following? Can you give us a link or a pattern name?

It’s called pattern collection home it’s an Afghan

I couldn’t find it with Google and Ravelry came up with 5 pages of patterns:

Is there a designer name or a book name?

If there’s no way to see the pattern, my best advice is to follow the pattern. Cast on 77, purl 2, turn as though you were are the end of the row and knit back on the same 2 sts. Then go on to the next row. Treat it like short rows but apparently without the w&t or equivalent. See how that goes.

You can quote the next 2 rows if you’d like. We can’t print large parts of patterns here because of copyright problems but a few rows is ok.

K thanks