Help with pattern

Yfwd s2,k1 , p2sso yfwd k1 rep
After yfwd,s2 k1
Does the yarn stay in the front of my work to knit 1 or do I put yard behind work .

The yarn goes over the right needle to the back to k1.
Here’s a video for yf, s1 k1 psso. It’s similar but in your case, you slip 2 and pass 2 sl sts over. The sts should be slipped knitwise unlike the purlwise slip shown in the video. See if it helps.


Hi there thanks for the help it makes sense now :raising_hand_woman:t2:

Should the pattern look like this

That looks good! It looks like the pattern photo that you posted and what I would expect the pattern to look like.

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Thank you for all your help and advice as with the other top I will post a picture of my finished top

Hi Krissy. Cool pattern! Would you mind sharing the title/designer so I can track it down for myself?

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I having just started this pattern with cotton knitting yarn .progress so far slow but surely

Slowly but surely

new project summer top in Egyptian cotton

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Hi there Spudnik , Sorry i took a while to reply been busy .The pattern is Beach club Collection and its by Hayfield got it from eBay . hope that’s useful to you .
Regards Krissy