Help with pattern

This is a free ravelry pattern . It is the Bernat Baby Layette . I am on the bonnet. I am having trouble continuing the lace pattern for the back of the bonnet. On the part that is Back Shaping, it says cast off 33 sts beg next two rows. Bonnet starts out with 90 sts, so after casting off sts there are 24 sts left for back of bonnet. But it just says continue in pattern for 30 rows, here is where I am having trouble getting the lace pattern to work.

Since it is free I might be able to photo and send, but I am not sure.
Please help, very much appreciated!


This one?

The best way to work this is to look at the previous rows and start the pattern so that you continue the lace pattern already set up. See if you can line up the yarn overs or a central spine in the pattern. Once you figure out the first row or two after the bind off, you should be ok.

Thank you for your help!

Here is my Layette :blush:

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How elegant! You’ve knit this beautifully.

Thank you, very much! :blush:

Very pretty!

That is adorable! It came out great.