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Hi…I just purchased this pattern. I was reading it prior to beginning, and I am confused. I get lost as soon after the 1st row. What am I supposed to do until my work measures 2 1/4 in. Then what am I doing for "Work 7 rows on the rem 194 (210) st. I know how to do all the stitches and cables required for this mattern; it´s just knowing where to do what, that has me so confused. Thanks for your help. image of poncho

Work the cable pattern and stockinette stitch as given and then row 1. Repeat these rows for 2.25 inches ending with row 1…
At that point work the decrease row (a cable pattern/stockinette row), and then continue the pattern of alternating row 1 and the cable pattern/stockinette row for the next 7 rows.

Could you please repost the pattern photo, masking all but the middle column? That way we’ll avoid any possible copyright problems. Love this pattern.

center image

Im still a bit confused, even after your answer. I may have to try and graph it visually. Ill let you know if I need further help.
I hope the other shot of the poncho is good enough to post. Let me know otherwise.


It may help to have this on the needles. The photos are also a big help. You want to continue the cable pattern up the body with periodic decrease rows. You can see the stockinette portion narrowing in the photos as you work up to the yoke.
I like your idea of graphing it out, or even drawing a diagram to help make sense of the pattern rows. Good luck and do come back if it isn’t working. I can post a diagram and maybe someone else will join in to explain it better.

Am I doing this on straight needles, or circular ones?


The pattern is worked in rows, that is, knit back and forth. Because of the large number of sts, at least initially, it’s best to use circular needles. That way, the cable between the needles will take the weight and number of sts. Don’t join to work in the round, however. Knit back and forth on the circular needles.

The tags on the Ravelry page confirm this: seamed, worked flat.