help with pattern

Next row: P2 *slip next 2 stars to front on CN, k1 then s1, k1, paso from CN, slip next st to back onCN, k2tog then K1 from CN, p1, repeat from *

Just cannot get my head around this row… Thank you

Please include a pattern name and link when asking questions. Just too many patterns to know what they all mean.

I’d be interested to see the pattern too.

"slip next 2 stars to front on CN, k1 then s1, k1, paso from CN,"
It may be easier to work this from your working needles rather than the cable needle:
Slip 2 sts to cable needle and hold in front, knit the next stitch from the left hand needle then slip the 2 held sts on the cable needle back to the left hand needle, slip one to the right hand needle, knit one, pass slipped stitch over.

slip next st to back on CN, k2tog then K1 from CN,
Same here: slip next stitch to cable needle and hold in back, knit next 2sts on left needle together, slip stitch on cable needle back to left needle and knit it.

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Hi sorry pattern is SIRDAR 7830
I am knitting 1st size cable hat, and I am shaping crown and would be the 17th row.
Yes, it’s complimentary decreases. See post above.

Hi, Thank you so much for your help, I have just finished knitting only need to sew it together. I wouldn’t have completed without your help, I am very grateful to you. Best wishes Norma x

I realise it’s now 2018, but I bought this pattern a few weeks ago and it’s been a pleasure to knit until I came upon that decrease row. I’ve been knitting for many years but never seen these instructions before. I was so frustrated trying and trying to figure it out. I’m so happy after less than 15 minutes searching on web I found this amazing help. I’m disabled but can still just about manage to knit so it means even more to me to find this assistance. Thank you so much and a very happy new year.