Help with pattern

Just joined would be grateful for some help interpreting a pattern. My question is: pattern says shape neck
nxt rw K26 turn cont on these in stocking stch for rem(beg with p rw) dec one stch in every rw until 24 rem.
then in ea foll alt rw till 19 stch rem. cont without shaping till work measures sme as back to beg of shlder end with p rw.
When the word turn enters the pat. I am not sure whether to use an extra needle and work both sides separate or turn the work around and use same needles. Cheers

Ordinarily, just use the same needles.
If you want to work both sides at the same time (with separate balls of yarn, or both ends of a skein) you can do that, too. Some people like to do that to make sure they match.

@lyn1 Hi lyn1 and welcome! I’ve moved your post from the introduction thread since you asked a question about a pattern. :slight_smile: