Help with pattern with rib 6

I am 2 months new to knitting and I love it. I came across this pattern for a hat that I am making and I can’t understand this next row instruction.
It starts with k2, p2 for 90 stitches then p2, k2 on second row. After 4 3/4 inches the pattern says rib6, p34, rib10, p34, rib 6. I have looked in books, and I know what a rib stitch is for a single or double rib, but nothing on this particular instruction. What exactly does rib 6 and rib 10 mean in this pattern?
Anyone,Thank you for your help.

It means to work 6 sts in the rib pattern. So you k2, p2, k2 then p34, do the next 10 sts in rib (probably start with k2) then p 34 and do the last 6 sts same as the beginning - k2 p2 k2.