Help with pattern Vicenza Lace Shawl

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I am knitting Vicenza Lace Shawl ( Filatura Di Crosa). I am on the front Side. I have knitted Row 1 through 31. After Row 31 pattern is asking to knit row 16-31 rows nine more times.
Following the instructions, I have started knitting rows 16 - 31 as instructed. Row 16 I now have 35 sts. When I get to row 22 following the pattern: Slip 4 wyib, *k2, ( yo, k2tog) 4 times; rep from * once more, p 1, I have 11 sts left, do I follow the pattern *k2, ( yo, k2tog ) 4 times, one more time?
And then following the pattern adding 12 sts. and then when I have extra stitches how do I continue with the pattern?
Hope I am making sense.:grphug:
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Lovely shawl:

When you finish the first set of rows 1-31 you should have 25sts. So you’ll start the repeat of row 16 with 25sts and end with 37sts. At the end of row 19 you’ll have 35sts and that stitch count will continue until you get to the second repeat of rows 16-31. Each repeat of rows 16-31 will increase by 10 sts.

Yes, at row 22 you’ll do an extra repeat:
Row 22 Slip 4 wyib, *k2, [yo, k2tog] 4 times; rep from * [I]twice[/I] more, p1.

Each time you repeat rows16-31, you’ll add in an extra repeat on the k2, [yo, k2tog]

Thank you for responding. Great help. Just want to make sure, I self doubt myself a lot with my knitting, when I come to row 22 I will follow pattern from * one more time?

Yes, repeat the k2, [yo, k2tog] 4 times. That’s 10sts so that’ll account for the 10 extra sts that you have.