Help with pattern using gnocchi yarn

I picked up some gnocchi yarn today along with a pattern for a scarf. I’m having difficulty with these instructions…It states to “Cast on 6 stitches. Cast on one stitch for each length of binder between proms. Knit every row. You will knit two stitches for every length of binder between poms.” Ok…so when I’m casting on I actually have to cast on more than six stitches like
it says in the first sentence right?? 6 + 6?..and what about two stitches for every length of binder between poms when you start knitting each row…is that 6 more…so casting on 18 stitches??? I’m so confused! Thanks so much in advance for your help.

I don’t know what a binder is. What is the name of the pattern, who is the designer and publisher? If I see a photo, I might be able to figure this out. It sounds as if it’s leaving the length or width of the scarf up to you? Are poms, pom-poms? I can’t picture this.