Help with pattern, turning row!

please could somebody clever help me to understand this in a pattern of a teddy i am making for my daughter. these are the instructions.

1st turning row:k9, turn, yon, k9

2nd turning row: k across all sts, working yon tbl with next st
rep last 2 rows once

i really hope somebody can help me understand this as i was really enjoying knitting this up until here. i think i understand the 1st turning row but the 2nd has really confused me!
thanks for any help

You’re knitting short rows. :slight_smile: There’s a video for it on this site- it will help the whole thing make more sense, I promise. I had to watch it several times before I got the hang of it!

Basically, you’re going to knit part way across the row, then turn the work as if you were done with the row, and work back the other way. Right after the turn you’ll do a yarn over, knit part way across the row again, turn and yarn over again, then knit back to the first yarn over and knit it together with the next stitch, through the back loop. This just helps tighten up any holes that might otherwise appear at that spot where you turn the work.

hi abbily, thankyou very much for explaining that to me it makes sense now xx

No problem! :slight_smile: