Help with pattern shaping please

Hi, I’m knitting an ice queen doll (Elsa). I’m on to the cape but am a bit stuck. It says st st four rows then it will have the decreasing row, the four rows again, and so on, would you do 5 rows? The lady who runs my local knit shop created the pattern and I don’t have a picture of the back of doll to compare.

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Sounds like 4 rows, decrease on row 5, 4 rows and then a decrease row. It puts the decreases on both knit and purl rows this way.
What is the exact wording for just this small portion of the pattern?

Thanks, I’ve attached the pattern for all of the cape, thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Well, it may be up to you to decide what the cape should look like. Looking at the rows, it seems that there are rows that would interrupt a stockinette stitch knit pattern (knit rows on the purl side, for example). Does that happen, that there are rows of bumps on the knit side or does the cape look like stockinette stitch with the knit side showing on the outside?
For example:
row 1-4 knit on the odd row, purl on the even row
row 5 k2tog to the end
row 6-9 stockinette (starting with a purl row I assume)
row 10 (K5, k2tog) to last stitch, k1 (here’s a knit row on an even row)
row 11-41 stockinette

I think that you can probably tell best (or the designer can) about the look of the rows. If you think it’s necessary to skip a row or add in an additional row, then I’d go ahead and do it to maintain the look you want. The other thing to consider is whether stockinette stitch without a border will curl too much.

Thank you, I ended up knitting 5 rows instead of 4 in between decreasing rows, thanks for your help :slight_smile: