Help with Pattern - Sandbar Pullover


Hi there! I was hoping for help with this pattern:

When it comes to Row 1 under the stitch guide on the first page, how would I go about completing this: K1, p1, *yo, sl 1 p-wise wyib, p1. When I k1, p1, my yarn is in the front. I’m confused how I yarn over, slip 1 p wise wyib and then purl 1.

Do I pass my yarn from the front after doing the purl to the back as if to knit stitch, wrap around the needle for the yarn over and then slip the stitch purlwise? If so, when the yarn is in the back, do I go straight to purl thus bringing the yarn on top of the needle, or do I pass it back through the needles back to the front before continuing with my purl stitch? I hope that makes sense!



Welcome to KH!
Essentially you’re working a yarn over between 2 purl sts like this.

In between there’s the slip stitch but you still work the k1, p1, bring the yarn over the right needle to the back, slip the stitch, bring the yarn around the needle to the front and purl the next stitch.


Perhaps you have solved this by now (it took me weeks) but chuichey88 back in October wrote a more understandable version that goes like this:
1st row k1 ,p1, yo, sl1 p-wise wyib, p1…(her version: When you k1 p1 the yarn will finish in front, bring the yarn to the back over the right needle toward the back (that’s the yarn over), slip one stitch purlwise. Now bring the yarn around the needle and to the front between the needle tips and p1. ) This explanation worked well for me. She also did 2nd row and 3rd row that really helped me understand that whole Sandbar Pullover tuck pattern.


Whoops! Sorry … credit goes to Salmonmac … sorry for that error! & many Thanks for the help on that pattern!!