help with pattern question

In my knitting pattern, there is a lot of similar repeated sentences, that I have not figured out yet.

what does it say e.g. In this sentence down below?

P1 (2,2), k3, p1(2,2), [k2, p1] 4 times, p0 (0,1), k3, p1 (2,2) sl m, knit to end rep last rnd 2 more times.

thanks in advance


The numbers in round brackets (2,2) are for different sizes. For example it looks like there are 3 sizes available for this pattern and you will choose which size you want. There should be info at the beginning of the pattern about what sizes are available in this pattern.
The instruction for the first size is given outside the bracket, then the larger sizes follow inside the bracket.
P1 (2,2)
means if you want the first size purl 1
If you want the middle size purl 2, not 1.
If you want the largest size purl 2, not 1.
You might find it easier to go through the whole pattern with a highlighter pen and highlight the numbers for the size you are making. Some people circle them in pencil, your choice.

If there is a 0 it means for that size there are no stitches to work eg
For the smallest don’t purl any
For the middle size don’t purl any
For the largest size purl 1

Square brackets are different [k2,p1] 4 times
The opening and closing of these brackets show the beginning and end of an instruction you must repeat ALL of, the number of times it tells you outside the bracket.
[K2,p2] 4 times
Knit 2, purl 2
Knit 2, purl 2
Knit 2, purl 2
Knit 2, purl 2

Are these the things you were stuck on?

Do you need more help?


@Creations - lol. You just beat me to it. I went to hit post on my reply and saw yours pop up!

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Lol and I just did the same to you on another thread. Sorry!

Yes that was a great help thank you.
what does " sl m " mean by the way.

sl m = slip marker
Assuming earlier in the pattern you were instructed to place a marker on the needle. You should reach the exact place where the marker is as you reach this instruction and it literally means move it from one needle to the other so that you continue to mark this place.

I’m assuming you’re knitting on circular needles in the round is that right? Looks like, you have instruction to repeat the round 2 more times which means this round is done 3 times in total.

Its OK to come back and ask more as you get to things you don’t understand.

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Thanks it’s nice to know that i can get the help i need.

Yes the it’s a sock pattern and I am Useing cabelneedels

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